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Congratulations on the decision to buy a property! Urban Realty Group is here for you! Whether it's your first home, the perfect piece of land, or an investment duplex, we can help you make the process simple to understand and help you every step of the way with exceptional service.

Our Buyer's Services are free to you, since the seller pays our commission, so that you can focus your attention on your future property and not on paperwork or negotiations.

What sets us apart from our competition?


Urban Realty Group will help you avoid the most common mistakes home buyer's make in today's market.

As Home Buyer's Specialists we will commit to assist you in locating the best home for your needs, negotiate the lowest price, secure the best financing, provide you with superior client service all the while with the least amount of hassle.

      ✔ Provide you information on every home available.

      ✔ Working together with you as a team.

      ✔ Keep you in constant communication of every detail during the entire process.

      ✔ Counsel you so you can make informed decisions.

      ✔ Orders and coordinates every inspection need or requirement. 

      ✔ Makes sure your escrow closes and on time.

      ✔ Personally provides the same level of service to your referrals.

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Our Home Finder Services

Should you decide that you'd like to purchase a home with us, the details will be handled for you, including negotiating to your benefit. Throughout the entire process it will be taken at your pace and you will be the one making all the decisions. You will be in constant communication with the frequency necessary to keep you informed and worry-free during the entire process.

Step 1​: Enroll in Our Free Home Finder Services (the form to your left) and receive information via email on all the homes currently for sale that match your home buying criteria. You will continue receiving this free service for as long as it takes you to find that special home you want. 


Step 2​: Finding a home or homes that are the highest interest to you. Then you communicating which homes you would like to preview in person.


Step 3​: Opening the doors to the home or homes you wish to see personally. Additionally making sure that you have the time and freedom necessary to experience each property fully while you are deciding whether or not each home is that special one for you.


Step 4​: Finally when we have found the perfect home for you, all of your questions will be answered as well all the specific details you need to make a decision. You will be provided a current market assessment of the home you are considering buying. There is never any pressure.




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